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Learning Journeys provide real-world learning opportunities for MPS students

Learning JourneyLearning Journeys are highly-developed, beyond the classroom, learning experiences that connect standards-based classroom instruction for MPS students with real-world learning opportunities at Southeastern Wisconsin’s finest museums, cultural experiences and scientific venues.  The district is developing a common set of field-based enrichment experiences, specific to each grade K-8 and aligned to grade-level standards and curricula in the core subjects. 

A Learning Journey connects learning in the classroom with the greater community where students have the chance to have hands-on learning experiences, engage their senses and imagination, and experience beyond their neighborhoods. Also included are pre- and post-instructional and assessment materials so teachers can prepare students to fully benefit from the Learning Journey before the experience and apply what they learned after participating in the experience. 

Learning JourneyThe externally-sponsored Learning Journey promises not only to help extend and improve classroom learning, but also ensure that every MPS student completes eighth grade having had a diverse set of experiences in the greater Milwaukee community that they might not otherwise experience.

Learning Journeys are provided to MPS students free of charge.  Schools will need to arrange and pay for transportation for their students to each scheduled Learning Journey.  This cost is not passed down to students. Learn more about Learning Journeys in Milwaukee Public Schools.

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